Inaugural conference, Dr Plinio Nastari

Inaugural conference, Dr Plinio Nastari

“The expansion of biofuels can provide a sensible route of diversification to many sugar economies, bringing more stability to sugar prices, reducing energy dependence, and providing longevity and sustainability for the use of traditional fuels in complement with biofuels.”

Founder and CEO of DATAGRO Consulting Ltd.

M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Agricultural Economics

Member of the World Sugar Committee and PAPSAC at Harvard University

Consultant of agrifood markets (America, Africa, Europe and Asia)

Representative of the Civil Society Specialist in Energy at the National Council on Energy Policy, at the Federal Government of Brazil

Important Dates

Pre Congress – August 31 and September 1

Congress – September 2 to 5

Post Congress – September 6 to 8